Analytical Chemistry

Why Sodium And Potassium Really Explode In Water

Chemnews // Jan 28th, 2015
To sort out the mystery, chemists Philip E. Mason, Pavel Jungwirth, and coworkers at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, in Prague, along with colleagues at Braunschweig University... 
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Solar chip monitors windows

Chemnews // Jan 29th, 2015
It happens all too often in the cold times of the year: You open the window in the morning for fresh air and forget to shut it again. A thermostat reports cold temperatures, and the heating is... 
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Chemical Engineering

Kirkpatrick Chemical Engineering Achievement Award

Chemnews // Jan 2nd, 2013
News January 1, 2013 Nominations for the 2013 round are now open Chemical Engineering magazine’s biennial prize is looking to honor the most noteworthy chemical engineering technology... 
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Materials Science

Is artificial photosynthesis the next big thing in alternative energy?

Chemnews // Jan 29th, 2015
William Mary chemist William McNamara is taking a “bio-inspired” approach to the world’s energy crisis by turning to nature’s very own chemical power plant: photosynthesis. ... 
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