Chemical Engineering

Kirkpatrick Chemical Engineering Achievement Award

Chemnews // Jan 2nd, 2013
News January 1, 2013 Nominations for the 2013 round are now open Chemical Engineering magazine’s biennial prize is looking to honor the most noteworthy chemical engineering technology... 
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Materials Science

Neutral self-assembling peptide hydrogel

Chemnews // Sep 30th, 2014
Self-assembling peptides are characterized by a stable β-sheet structure and are known to undergo self-assembly into nanofibers that could further form a hydrogel. Self-assembling peptide... 
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New Research

“Multi-spectra glasses” for scanning electron microscopy

Chemnews // Sep 30th, 2014
30-09-2014: The scanning electron microscope is not only used for precisely surveying the surface topology of samples, but also for determining their chemical... 
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Physical Chemistry

Harvesting energy from walking around: Shoe insole charges AAA and watch batteries

Chemnews // Sep 29th, 2014
At the Center for Research in Advanced Materials (CIMAV), scientists decided to “capture” the energy produced by people walking. They designed a pill-shaped cylinder adapted to a... 
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