Analytical Chemistry

Researchers Outline New Strategy For FRET Biosensors

Chemnews // Aug 29th, 2014
However, to bring the dyes close enough together for FRET to occur, proteins must undergo large conformational changes upon binding. Also, the protein must be relatively large or elongated so... 
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Chemical Engineering

Kirkpatrick Chemical Engineering Achievement Award

Chemnews // Jan 2nd, 2013
News January 1, 2013 Nominations for the 2013 round are now open Chemical Engineering magazine’s biennial prize is looking to honor the most noteworthy chemical engineering technology... 
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Materials Science

Team pioneers strategy for creating new materials

Chemnews // Aug 30th, 2014
Making something new is never easy. Scientists constantly theorize about new materials, but when the material is manufactured it doesn’t always work as expected. To create a new... 
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